11 May 2009

Statement of position

OK - so in truth I only signed up with a blog because I wanted to learn how the software worked.

But now I am here, I suppose I'd better make use of it.

For a while I have been thinking of blogging my political observations and opinions, I guess now is a good time to start. But if I am going to comment on politics, then I guess I should start by making it clear where I am coming from and where my biases lie...

I am not a member of any political party.

However, I am a lefty. Can't help it - I am the child of two lefties and I married a lefty who is also the child of two lefties. Hanging out in folk music circles does not help!

I have voted Labor consistently through my adult life (apart from a short flirtation with the Democrats). In Senate elections I always vote below the line so I can be sure I have voted One Nation last.

nd Malcolm Turnbull gives me the screaming irrits; but more on that later.


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